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Andre Jumabhoy

Andre Jumabhoy



  • LL.B., King’s College London, 2002
  • M.A., University of Glasgow, 1998
  • Advocate & Solicitor, Law Society of Singapore
  • Barrister, England and Wales

Mr. Jumabhoy is a dedicated trial lawyer with considerable experience in complex criminal and civil disputes. Mr. Jumabhoy has particular expertise in white collar crime having acted for clients, both corporates and individuals, charged with insider trading, bribery, high-value frauds, money laundering, and breach of directors’ duties.

Mr. Jumabhoy began his legal career in 2003 at the Bar in London, with a criminal set of chambers. Mr. Jumabhoy has defended charges spanning the full spectrum of criminal offences, including murder, armed robbery, serious sexual assault and high value fraud. He frequently appeared in the Old Bailey, High Court and the Court of Appeal. Over time, his practice broadened to include civil matters, with a focus on white collar crime.

In 2011, Mr. Jumabhoy returned to Singapore and joined the Attorney General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor. Initially posted to the capital crimes team where he prosecuted crimes such as a murder and drug trafficking, Mr. Jumabhoy moved on to prosecute financial crimes in 2012. His work there focused on corruption and fraud offences involving public companies, public officials and private individuals, as well as money laundering and Company Act offences. He prosecuted what the media dubbed “the sex for grades” trial. Mr. Jumabhoy has appeared in the State Courts, High Court and Court of Appeal, and has been involved in numerous appeals, including the definitive approach to the presumption of corruption involving civil servants under Section 8 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Chapter 241), and the law concerning the admissibility of previous convictions under the Evidence Act (Chapter 97). He was promoted to Deputy Senior State Counsel in 2014.

Mr. Jumabhoy has considerable international experience in company investigation under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act, as well as under the Securities and Futures Act. He has represented multinationals caught up in large-scale bribery and corruption investigation, most recently a multinational shipbuilder involved in a corruption scandal in Brazil involving the Brazilian state-owned company Petrobras (“Operation Carwash”).

Outside of his practice, Mr Jumabhoy actively contributes to the legal community as an advocacy trainer for the Singapore Bar Exams as well as being a lecturer at the National University of Singapore, in Legal Analysis and Writing.

Representative Work
  • Conducting an internal investigation of a multinational shipbuilder caught up in a corruption scandal in Brazil involving the Brazilian state-owned company Petrobras (“Operation Carwash”).

  • Prosecution of publicly listed ship building company and its directors in respect of corrupt payments made by the company to foreign companies and officials in South Korea and Myanmar.

  • Prosecution of religious body involved in cheating statutory boards.

  • Prosecution of CEO of a publicly-listed company for cheating and breach of directors’ duties.

  • Prosecution of multi-jurisdiction (Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and multi-million dollar cheating scheme to evade customs duties and GST in respect of car importations.

  • Prosecution of a director of a US-listed multinational corporation involved in the receipt and distribution of bunker fuel from global oil companies.

  • Prosecution of a law professor and student for giving better grades in return for sexual favours and gifts (“Sex for Grades”).

  • Advising a US medical manufacturer on the civil recovery of funds stolen as a result of a cyber attack.

  • Conducting third party due diligence of a proposed acquisition in Indonesia by a US multinational.

  • Advising and implementing anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies and compliance programmes for various companies across energy, consumer and infrastructure sectors.


Mr. Jumabhoy has regularly appeared in the Court of Appeal, Criminal and Civil Division, the High Court and Crown Courts throughout England during his time at the bar. Details of his work are available on request.