News on Peter Low
  • 17 . 10 . 2013
    ‘Sex For Grades’ case: Defence says CPIB badgered Tey to confess

    Reading out cards Ms Darinne Ko had sent to former law don Tey Tsun Hang — such as one thanking him for “the most wonderful summer” — defence lawyer Peter Low sought to show yesterday that theirs was not a one-sided relationship

  • 29 . 04 . 2013
    62-year-old lawyer shows no signs of slowing down

    He has been in the profession for more than 30 years and remains a man with a mission – not to save, but to help

  • 14 . 02 . 2013
    Legal challenge to 377A begins in the High Court; judgment reserved

    The case was heard in chambers by Justice Quentin Loh, after graphic designers Gary Lim and Kenneth Chee sought a repeal of Section 377A, arguing that it goes against Article 12 of the constitution which says all persons are equal before the law.

  • 13 . 01 . 2013
    2013 NEWS

    18th December 2012 Straits Times article: State to contest new challenge to anti-gay law, trial on Feb 14 28th November 2013 Today article: Yawning Bread blogger faces contempt of court action 27th November 2013 Today article: Contempt of court: Blogger to face legal action 27th November 2013 Today article: AGC’s application to take blogger to court for contempt adjourned … Continue reading 2013 NEWS